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Congratulations to our 2023 Candidates!
Stay Tuned for 2024!


Statewide Candidates 

PA Supreme Court- Judge Daniel McCaffrey 

PA Superior Court- Judge Timika Lane and Jill Beck

PA Commonwealth Court- Matt Wolf

Countywide Candidates

Montgomery County Row Officers

Clerk of Courts- Lori Schreiber

Controller- Karen Sanchez

Coroner- Dr. Janine Darby

District Attorney- Kevin Steele

Prothonotary- Noah Marlier

Recorder of Deeds- Jeanne Sorg

Register of Wills- Tina Lawson

Sheriff- Sean Kilkenny

Treasurer- Jason Salus

Judge for Court of Common Pleas- Dan Ronca

Montgomery County Commissioner- Jamila Winder and Neil Makhija

Area 10 Local Candidates


Ward 1- Alan Chmielewski

Ward 3- Tina Sokolowski

Ward 5- Kathleen Kingsley

Ward 7- Colleen Leonard


Ward 2- Kristin Frederick Leonard

Ward 4- Aaron Nelson


Jacy Toll

Vince Manuele

Beth Moy

Magisterial District Judge- Conshohocken and Whitemarsh:  Dara Nasatir

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